3 Zodiac Signs Take a Break From Love This Weekend

Saturday marks the Moon’s transit through Sagittarius, which will last until Monday. Three zodiac signs have reached a point in time where they have had enough of waiting for love, and in particular, for someone to adore them.

A day in Sagittarius that is independent and seeks freedom is characterized by a Sagittarius Moon. This means that on January 7, 2024, irrespective of our zodiac sign, we will be influenced by Sagittarius in greater abundance, as there are numerous such influences.

They will exert their influence in all facets of existence. Be on the lookout for a life-altering event in the realm of love on this particular day.

A weekend spent under the influence of the Sagittarius Moon will be a magnificent exhibition of strength, in the sense that we will cease our expectation that love will save us on this day. We are forthright and philosophical, and we have a strong conviction in ourselves; therefore, we are content with our decision to abandon the matter and proceed with our lives.

Except for that one individual on whom we have been waiting, the timer for this day has been deactivated. We will not be delaying any longer. Our sense of adventure has been reawakened, and we are now sufficiently restless to seek pleasure in an unprecedented manner. By placing our faith in the universe, we relinquish previous expectations. We shall today cease our anticipation of affection.

1. Taurus 

This upcoming weekend may induce within you a profound sense of urgency to alter a specific aspect of your life: how you have been managing your romantic relationships. You might be in a committed relationship with someone at the moment, and although you undeniably cherish them, they are becoming an albatross around your neck, a weighty burden, and you are beginning to realize that this individual will not change, regardless of how many times they assure you otherwise.

Taurus, this is a lesson you’ve learned the hard way: although they might adore you, love alone is insufficient. During the Sagittarius Moon, you will confront this profound lesson and abandon your romantic notion that “love always comes through to save the day.” Love has not yet prevailed thus far. It has facilitated connections between you and those who have deprived you of far too much. Currently, it is your responsibility to save the day… by yourself.

You have formally accepted the notion that you are no longer dependent on love to sustain you. Simply put, it is there. You have no choice but to act immediately, and it will become abundantly clear to you as soon as the Sagittarius Moon ascends into the sky. This transit of liberty-seeking motivates you to have faith in your fate and become less dependent on the ‘assistance’ of others. Love? Nothing more than ‘there.’ Not exerting much effort beyond mere existence.

2. Scorpio

As an individual, Scorpio, you are inclined to be forthright in your reprimand of your partner. You are, to put it bluntly, weary of patiently awaiting their transformation into your ideal partner. Upon the conclusion of this day, it will be undeniable that they never intended to accomplish such a thing. As is customary for Sagittarius, you will not spare words when the Moon is in that sign. Although you may come across as a bit too direct, maintaining a watchful mouth is not on the agenda for today.

Your thought will be that you eagerly await your companion to transform, increase their affection for you, accomplish more, become more engaged, and so forth. If they have not yet attained the level of development that you had anticipated from them by this point, then that indicates an absence of progress and eventual realization. If your aspiration to attain flawless love stifles you, you shall liberate yourself from the constraints imposed by such expectations.

You are optimistic due to the influence of the Sagittarius Moon. Equipped with an inherent sense of positive energy, you will communicate with your companion in an audacious and candid manner that you are no longer anticipating their action. They are free to do as they please, at any time, but in terms of your emotions, “Elvis has just left the building,” as the expression goes. You have left. No longer must one anticipate either change or affection.

3. Sagittarius

You will experience an intense desire to either terminate the current relationship you are in or establish a personal resolution to abandon love for the year, as your preconceived notions of what love should entail continue to be met with disillusionment. Even though love has failed to deliver, you have persisted in your anticipation that it will storm the doors and rescue you.

Throughout your Moon’s transit through Sagittarius, you will experience a profound connection with your authentic emotions, which will serve as a reminder that you do not necessarily require external validation to feel better. You are an independent individual at heart, perhaps the most untamed of all zodiac signs, and you are naturally untamed and free-spirited. Being human oneself implies that one accepts the notion that love is the only essential thing. While it fulfills our requirements, it may not be something you wish to wait for until this weekend.

You are currently abandoning the delay. Another day for that inconvenience, which is precisely how you currently feel about the entire “love deal”: a burden. Your disposition is resolute and positive; you will be more than content to accomplish this on your own. You are unafraid of being stopped by anything, Sagittarius, and while your Moon is in the heavens, you truly believe that you radiate brighter by yourself. You are entirely correct in this assessment.