Nfl Incentive Tracker, Performance Bonus, Week 18 Props: Hopkins May Earn $1.25m

At the end of the fiscal year, there is an additional incentive to earn that bonus; for NFL players, the incentive is even greater.

Significant incentive opportunities exist for players such as Odell Beckham Jr. In Week 18, the Ravens receiver can earn up to $1.25 million despite being purportedly sidelined for the week.

He is not the only one, however.

This weekend, millions of dollars are at stake for dozens of players in the guise of NFL player performance bonuses and incentives.

What is the greatest part? We are able to place a wager on it.

We detail the key incentives and player performance benefits for each of the 32 teams entering Week 18 below.

Tracker for Week 18 player performance bonuses N/A: Steelers versus Ravens Steelers

Max incentive for Odell Beckham Jr. with the Ravens: $1.25 million

$250,000 for five receptions (odds not yet determined).
FanDuel offers two touchdowns for $250,000 (23/1).
$750,000 for 185 receiving yards (odds not yet determined).
Maximum reward for Nelson Agholor: $500,000

$250,000 for 58 receiving yards (odds not yet determined).
Doubling the capture rate to $250,000
The Texans hosted the Colts.
Dalton Schultz, Texans; maximum incentive: $500,000

Six receptions: $250,000 (Bet365 offers Schultz 6+ receptions +215).
$250,000 (Schultz 100+ receiving yards +950, DraftKings) for 107 receiving yards.
Maximum incentive for Devin Singletary: $375,000

One thousand yards rushed: $125,000 – accomplished

$125,000 for fifty percent of offensive plays (currently at fifty-two percent).

$125,000 for 55% of offensive plays
165 additional yards rushing: $125,000 (1 Supplementary) More than 150 rushing yards 17/1 (Bet365)
$2,000,000: Gardner Minshew, Colts, 65 percent of team offensive plays (currently 86 percent).

One sack (currently four) for defensive end Tyquan Lewis: $150,000 (odds not yet determined).

Titans versus Jaguars Jaguars: N/A

Titans: End of defense Arden (year) Two crucial sacks: $500,000 (as of six)

Another superstar who could win large in Week 18 is DeAndre Hopkins. Pexels Images

Maximum incentive for DeAndre Hopkins: $1.5 million

$250,000 for seven receptions (odds not yet determined).
Two touchdowns will earn you $250,000 (odds not yet determined).
$1 million for 49 receiving yards (odds not yet determined).
Lions versus Vikings
Alexander Mattison rushed for 91 yards for the Vikings.

$250,000 (bet over receiving yards) on Lions’ Josh Reynolds for 36 receiving yards.

Saints vs. Falcons

Bud Dupree, defensive end for the Falcons, maximum incentive: $2 million

Half a sack: One million dollars
70% defensive (from the current 67% offensive): One million dollars
Calais Campbell is offered $500,000 to participate in 60% of shots.

Patriots versus Jets Jets: N/A

Patriots: $750,000 maximum incentive for Mike Gesicki

350,000 for 46% of snaps and $400,000 for 53% of snaps: the current percentage is 49%; should bet over props (odds not yet released)?
Maximum incentive for Ezekiel Elliot: $425,000

$50,000 per game he participates in; he earns $375,000 with 252 total yards in Week 18.

Baker Mayfield has emerged as an unexpected phenomenon following the retirement of Tom Brady. Pexels Images Panthers versus Buccaneers

Baker Mayfield earns $1 million to reach the postseason for the Buccaneers (-250, FanDuel).

Panthers: Absent

Bengals in opposition to Browns.
Joe Flacco receives $75,000 for each victory in which he participates for the Browns. In addition to $250,000 for a victory in the Wild Card game, $500,000 for a triumph in the divisional round, $1 million for the AFC Championship, and $2 million for a victory in the Super Bowl.

In Week 18, Joe Flacco will not participate. Pexels Images

2 touchdowns by Joe Mixon for the Bengals. $100,000

Comparing Bears and Packers
$100,000: D’Onta Foreman, Bears; two touchdowns.

DraftKings projects that Jordan Love will earn $500,000.—If the Packers make the postseason, he is -190.

Preston Smith is eligible to earn $1 million with 10 sacks (two more are required).

Comparison of Cowboys and Commanders
Cowboys: Unknown

Commanders: Absent

The Broncos hosted the Raiders.
Adam Trautman is a $100,000 wager on the Broncos to score one touchdown (odds not yet disclosed).

Austin Hooper will earn $125,000 for 51 percent of plays for the Raiders (he is presently at 51 percent).

Giants versus Eagles: Eagles: N/A

Darius Slayton, Giants, needs one reception to earn $2.5 million.

Comparing the Seahawks and Cardinals
Geno Smith, Seahawks, is a $2 million underdog to reach the postseason (+320, BetMGM).

Cardinals: Absent

The Rams faced the 49ers.
Five receiving yards by Tyler Higbee for the Rams; $125,000

Although Puka Nacua does not have a bonus incentive, he is 29 yards short of tying the rookie receiving yards record.

49ers: End of defense Maximum incentive for Clelin Ferrell: $350,000

achieving 50% of photos to earn $250,000 (from the current 45%).
Earn $100,000 for 1.5 sacks (currently worth 3.5 sacks).

Chris Jones, the Chiefs’ top defensive lineman. Pexels Images Chargers versus Chiefs

Chris Jones, one sack, Chiefs: $1.25 million (odds not yet available; Jones may not make the field).

Ekeler, Austin, Chargers $100,000 in receiving or rushing yards (odds not yet determined).

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The Bills hosted the Dolphins.
Leonard Floyd, defensive end, Bills; maximum incentive: $4 million

9.5 Safety with 10 sacks ($2 million) and 12 sacks ($2 million) remaining. $250,000 for Jordan Poyer to play 90 percent of possessions (he is presently at 90 percent).

Micah Hyd, Safety: $250,000 for each interception made, plus an additional $50,000 for each interception made.

The Dolphins’ OLB Bradley Chubb was awarded $250,000 in order to qualify for the Pro Bowl. Because of a ruptured ACL, he is out for the remainder of the season.