The Three Most Maximalistic Signs of the Zodiac

Although some individuals may value monochromatic furnishings and 10-piece capsule inventories, those born under the sign of Maximist prefer a “more is more” philosophy in their lives. They are attracted to vivid hues, vibrant patterns, and precarious accumulations of belongings.

There are several factors, according to astrologer Stina Garbis, that contribute to the maximalist tendencies of particular zodiac signs. And this is because of their extra-sentimental disposition for many.

When individuals try on garments in a thrift store, for instance, they may find it difficult to return any item to its rack because each one feels distinctive and as if it were designed specifically for them. These are the same individuals who purchase scores of mementos as a way to recollect every memory from a journey. They are mentally incapable of decluttering their space or discarding anything. Consequently, they attain a life that is somewhat disorganized, chaotic, and eclectic—exactly that which is desirable.

The planetary rulers of other zodiac signs facilitate an easy affinity for art and fashion, which frequently translates to an admiration for the pursuit of amassing unique items for one’s wardrobe or residence. These signs have an insatiable desire to collect and shop, and they are not afraid to experiment with different styles by donning an assortment of garments simultaneously.

The astrological signs listed below are, in no particular manner, excessive maximalists, as determined by an expert in astrology.

1. Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

A Gemini is incapable of working at a workstation that is overly organized or tidy. As stated by Garbis, their ideal environment consists of a variety of open books, stacks of documents, and half-empty coffee mugs. Being an air sign, they require a little disorderliness in their belongings to experience creativity.

As opposed to carrying a single, concise planner, a Gemini will consistently carry ten journals with them. Additionally, their vehicles are laden with apparel and refreshments, and their pockets and purses are the same. Although their lives may appear disorderly or disorganized to others, they find comfort in the chaos.

Their style is also indicative of their maximalist way of life. While possessing an extensive wardrobe, Geminis continues to seek additional items at secondhand websites, sampling sales, and vintage displays. What is their mission? To curate an impeccable ensemble that accentuates their distinct personal style.

2. Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Upon entering the residence of an individual born under the sign of Cancer, one will be met with shelving brimming with collectibles and walls adorned with trinkets. Cancer, according to Garbis, “exemplifies an unwavering fondness for cluttered spaces brimming with trinkets.”

This water sign is a design maximalist at heart. Consider eccentric antiques, vintage paintings, and outlandish wallpaper—especially when framed in incongruous pieces. “Cancer is the type to amass an assortment of souvenir plates and prized spoons,” she explains. Additionally, they have no immediate intentions of undertaking a decluttering project. “Cancer is a large-claw crab that is obsessed with clinging to objects and will not release them.”

Hence, this sign possesses an extravagant wardrobe. They frequently purchase jewelry and accessories from garage sales and thrift stores, which they ultimately put to use simultaneously. Cancer does not adhere to any particular design code or tolerate patterns that conflict.

3. Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18)

Aquarius is the eccentric relative of the zodiac due to their vibrant and eclectic sense of style. They relish discordant prints and vibrant hues as opposed to subdued ones. Instead of adhering to Coco Chanel’s renowned principle of removing one item before departure, they prefer to assume ten articles of clothing.

“Aquarius is perpetually innovating new concepts and establishing trends that spread like wildfire,” asserts Garbis. “Behind their fashion-forward Uranus ruler, their true nature is that of an artist.”

Additionally, it is common knowledge that this aviation sign carries a Mary Poppins-style purse. They would prefer not to feel complete unless they are surrounded by all of their material possessions, such as cosmetics, lotions, fragrances, and old invoices. This is by their maximalist philosophy.